Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Paying my dues

Paying my dues:

I'm still just payin' my dues
I work hard and toil awhile
I bring it back, and it's gone from me
It goes to those who'd had my back

I was down, and I was out
Didn't do anything for a while
Lived on someone else's bounty
Now I'm well and hale and hearty
And it's time I pay them back.

Gotta keep working
Gotta keep trying
I've got a mountain of debts to pay
It's still so amazing
How stupid I could have been
But that's okay,
That's just me

Gotta wake up and smell the dirt
See the flowers bloomin' in the garden
Feed the fish and hear the birds
Nibble on the plants and have a taste

Walk my land, up and down
Round and round
And round a while
Till it settles and it's subdued
Till it rejoices and shouts for joy

Then I hear it and I wonder
Did it mean so much?
When I am me and do my thing
My land just absolutely rejoices

What a relief, I've gotta say
To have everything my way
Do what I like, pushin' a while
Hear the rain, and walk the path

Round and round I go
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
Always going forward
Never looking back.

No one stops me
They're all busy
I go my way
And they go theirs.

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