Wednesday, 9 October 2013



It is there, hidden,
A gem in the rock
A diamond in the rough
Some dirt in the ground.

Gotta consider and see
A dead rotting tree that stays submerged
For millions of years
Gets compressed into a piece of coal

If the pressure is right,
It gets crushed aright
And then we get a diamond.

Gotta polish the diamond
Gotta cut the facets
Gotta prepare the rock
To let the light through

Mount it on a tiara
Or wear it on a ring
String it on a bracelet
Or put it round the neck of a cat

There are so many things you can do
With a diamond or two
The possibilities are endless
Till it falls through

Hardest substance once known to man
It can cut right through glass
Polish it aright and it will shine
Mount it well, keep it fine

Girls love diamonds, and so do boys
Everyone loves diamonds, give them around
Doesn't have to be a real diamond
Just a stone is sufficient, if it shines

But how long does a stone last
That is the question
If you want the clip to last
Consider a real diamond.

Shining here, shining there
Shining everywhere
A diamond is a tiara's best friend.
Good on a ring, good on a bracelet

Good on a shoe or even a boot.

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